How useless am I?

I am writing this embarrassed. How useless am I with my blog writing? I think I have reached a new personal low in my ability to commit to something.

I mean even when I was 7 I was able to keep a pretty up to date, day by day diary which I can’t even imagine doing now. Seriously, how did I get so bad?

I’m going to blame the experience. Because honestly, that’s the truth. I’ve been doing so much, having so much fun and really have had no time to sit down at my blog and write out posts on what I have been doing.

I’d get into my head the idea that “woo I’m doing something fun, can;t wait to blog about it” and then get all excited. But then I’d move onto the next fun thing and COMPLETELY forget about what I had planned – but not to worry.

I have some time now to really reflect on my useless blog behaviour and attempt to get some blog posts out. Annnnnd on top of that my internet is cutting out and I’m struggling over here on Internet Explorer. WOW.

Onwards and Upwards!

Amber x


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