Kiwi Mates

Hi everyone who looks at my blog! (Probably nobody but myself – hi me)

Thought I would add a little side post about the amazing friends I’ve made over here.

I’m going to be honest, coming to London I thought I would meet a lot of British people, but coming to the end of my time here I realise that I’ve met a range of different people that exceeded what I thought London was going to be like.

Being one of the most diverse multi-cultural hubs of the world, London has brought me to meet so many different people from different backgrounds, all in this amazing city. However, trying to not be biased here, but the Kiwi friends I’ve made have been quality!

Ash and Anna are the two Kiwis from Massey University Wellington and Massey Albany that were here in London doing the exchange programme along beside me. Meeting these two was great as we clicked instantly and it has been good to share a Kiwi perspective on the world with these two!

I’ve only hung out with Anna a few times since being here, but whenever we are at events together she is always so fun to be around, is so delightfully honest and has a really good head on her shoulders.

Ash has been my best friend over here, and we’ve taken London by storm. Thank you for the great lunch/dinner/cocktail dates and the funny¬†times we have in class. Wayyheyy pet.

Shout out to you both, you amazing people.

Amber x



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