Rome if you want to


Back into this blogging thing and I’ve never felt so good! (No really, I just learned how to queue posts, I’m feeling happy – and yes I realise queuing posts is probably the easiest thing but please let me have this moment)

About a month ago, my other half and myself decided to take a spontaneous trip away to Rome, Italy.

Rome has been in my Top 5 places to visit, and I just knew I had to get there. One day we were just talking about it then – hello, Rome!

Rome was definitely an experience to say the least. The first day all went wrong – ended up in the wrong part of Rome when we arrived, walking down dirty, loud alleyways with me thinking, are we really at the place I want to be?! Then, of course, scammed by Roman Gladiators at the Pantheon who we thought were just nice, friendly guys offering to take fun, free photos with us (idiots, I know). But hey, we played their game, they asked for 20 euros EACH, but we gave them 10 and ran!

After this muddle of a day, the rest of Rome actually went perfectly. We were in an amazing apartment, courtesy of Air BnB, definitely check it out if you’re looking for decent and reasonable priced accommodation! And we got to explore the wonderful city of Rome.

I ate too much pizza and gelato and had a few cheeky glasses of wine, and we trekked over Rome from the Colosseum, to the Roman Forum, to Piazza Venezia to the Vatican. It was an amazing trip and I really have to say I did fall in love with the magical city which is Rome.

Amber x


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